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Complete Rug Repair Process

We are equipped to restore all damage to oriental and Persian rugs which may have accumulated over time by sunlight, furniture, pet damage, and foot traffic. 

Damaged Rug


Rug Retrieval

 The original, damaged rug is dropped off by the owner or picked up by Aara Rugs. Common damage found in rugs is a torn corner, where the damage continues to grow. The knots will continue to unravel as time goes on. The corner should be repaired immediately, to help save costs and ultimately have a better-looking rug.


Starting a New Foundation

Once the rug is received by Aara Rugs, we immediately get to work on laying down a new foundation for the rug. This is where new knots will be made and the new fringe will appear at the end of the rug. 

Foundation on Rug Repair_edited.jpg
New Knots on Rug Repair


Creating new Knots

After the foundation is laid down, we work on creating the new knots. Perfect color matches are picked, and we follow the design, keeping in mind how the other corners and the rest of the rug looks. We continue this until all of the knots are filled out. 


Perfect Restoration

After the knots are done, we simply cut the edge to make the fringe. The job is complete! Now we have a perfectly repaired rug ready to be delivered to the owner or picked up! 

Fully Repaired Rug_edited_edited.jpg
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