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Repair of Persian and Oriental Rugs

Fringe Repair

When your rug's fringe becomes damaged, there are different ways of repairing it. We either reinforce the fringe so that it doesn’t come apart or we may add new fringe to that segment. We will then trim off the extra to even it out. At Aara Rugs we could repair any damage, tear, or stain to your oriental rug's fringe.


Hole Repair
Our expert staff can repair all different shapes and sizes of holes in your rug. We will fix holes by first reconnecting the weaves. Next, we find suitable strands and colors that match the consistency and color of your oriental rug and fill in the missing foundation by inserting new pile, while matching the original design of your rug. Once repaired by Aara Rugs, you'll never know a hole ever existed in your beautiful Persian or oriental area rug.


Rug Binding (for rug edges coming apart)
The edge of your rug may start to unravel, which will unroll the weaves exposing the rug to even further damage. We can fix this by first finding suitable strands that match the color of your rug; then we sew new binding by hand to clothe the damage. Once finished by the experts in Aara Rugs your rug will become vibrant and beautiful again.


Rug Repair Tools
Shear for Rug Repair

Is another professional method to repair pets, furniture, or other binding damage done to your rug.


Rip and tear repair
It is not uncommon with antique and older rugs which may have had a lot of traffic or were not correctly cared for to have their foundation wear out and break open allowing the rug to rip. Our expert repair staff at Aara Rugs will bind, tighten and fasten these rips which also prevents new rips or tears from developing.


Complete Rug Restoration
We are equipped to restore all damage to oriental and Persian rugs which may have accumulated over time by sunlight, furniture, pet damage, and foot traffic. Call us for a free estimate, free pickup, and free delivery.

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