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My father, Haji Mohammad Ali Rahmati was the creator of the new rug business in Afghanistan. Before he came along, the Afghan rug business was underdeveloped and couldn’t compete with the international market. He started his legacy when he was a young boy, with help from a Persian family from Iran. He learned to modernize the production of rugs, as well as the ins and outs of different kinds of rugs, which included the new-found silk rug.

Then, he spread his knowledge to upgrade the rug business in Afghanistan.

In the 1960’s, The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Afghanistan acknowledged his intelligence and talent with rugs. They asked him to teach two to three hundred students, which they provided. The students would work closely with him, while also learning new, practical methods for rug production. The result? The rug industry was booming in Afghanistan.

In the early 1970’s, after he has successfully spread his knowledge, opened up a factory independently. It was during this time that he made a point of teaching his immediate family everything he knew. The factory was specifically creating silk rugs, colored with natural dyes. It was a very successful business that introduced a new style of Afghan rugs to the world.

Today, because of my father’s hard work, I and my relatives have been able to run our own successful businesses here in the U.S. It is my self-proclaimed duty to pay him back and carry on my father’s legacy to the next generation.

I, Nabi Rahmati, have been in the rug business since the 1980’s, but I recently started my own company in 2010 called Aara Rugs Inc. My family joined me in 2016, and we have been working hard together to provide the best service to the people.

Nabi in 1987, restoring an Antique Saruk.

Aara Rugs imports our products from Afghanistan, made in our own factory. Our factory is child-labor free (we are validated by Good Weave, a rug company designed to work against child-labor), and we hire women who need to provide for their family.

Our items are all hand knotted, and are reproductions of Antique rugs, with a modern twist. We use all natural colors in our rugs, except for special orders, in which we notify that there is an exception.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority here at Aara Rugs. Our services include:
Hand knotted rugs,
Custom-made rugs,
Rug restoration
Rug cleaning

Our rug collection includes Antiques, Bamboo, Ikats, Navajos, Oushaks, and Patchworks, all either rugs or kilims. We also carry tapestries and decorative pillows for further home décor. We are always open to special orders, please contact us for more information at

If you need any help at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (747) 202-0950 or

Nabi Rahmati

Decades of culture and knowledge were passed down to me by my father, one of the first to introduce diverse color schemes to the traditional red and black Afghani rugs. I’ve traveled the country meeting with wholesalers, retailers, and enthusiasts alike since I came to the country in 1989. I started Aara Rugs in 2010 and am happily working with my family to service the greater Los Angeles area.


Mehdi Rahmati

I’ve been learning the rug trade for a few years now; helping my father transport inventory, work trade shows, and explore the culture all the while. I am pursuing a Marketing degree from the California State University of Northridge in order to advance the standing of Aara Rugs, Inc.

Murssal Rahmati

I joined the team early last year to help my dad manage his growing business. At Aara rugs I handle most of the inventory logging and processing, but what I love most is synchronizing color schemes to create the perfect interiors for our clientele.

Parwin Rahmati

I am a full-time mom and part-time administrator at Aara Rugs. I help handle calls and emails, as well as the office work for our company.

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