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You don't have to worry about hauling your rug to our cleaning facility. Instead, let us do all the work for you. We do pick-up and delivery to ensure all your needs are taken care of!

Clean it with the "Natural System"

At Aara Rugs, we pride ourselves on using natural green cleaning solutions. We don’t use harmful chemicals to clean your rug. Whenever possible we use solutions that are safe for your family, your pets, and the environment.

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Aara Rugs Pickup and delivery are free within 20 miles from our location in Chatsworth



The team at Aara Rugs has over three decades of experience in professional rug services, specializing in the intricate care of Oriental rugs.


We use Natural Green System, where possible, to clean and care for your rug. Our solutions are safe for your family, your pets, and the environment.


Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one goal. We guarantee you will be happy with our cleaning and repair services, as well as our customer service.

Proper and Thorough Cleaning of Antique, Persian & Oriental Rugs and Kilims

Your Persian and oriental rugs are not only investments in your home decor, but rugs add warmth, color, and personality to your rooms. Oriental rugs are the soul of your place and with proper care and by regular maintenance by the professionals at Aara Rugs your rugs will last for decades- if not generations. Unfortunately, carpet cleaners or dry cleaners, entice the rug owner by "carpet cleaning" prices and try to clean the rug on site. Not knowing the rug’s origin, material, or fabric content and then applying the harsh industrial strength chemicals could damage your handwoven rug or kilim to the point that often the rug's natural colors and the fabric starts disintegrating in a few years time.

At Aara Rugs, we start by identifying the origin of your rug. Close inspection of the foundation, knots, pattern, color, fiber density, and fringe of the rug reveals clues about the origin, age, and the types of color and material utilized during weaving of your rug. Your carpet or dry cleaner, however well-meaning, generally do not have any clue about these critical aspects of your oriental Persian rug which are the deciding factors in what cleaning solutions may be required and more importantly what must not be used in cleaning and restoring your oriental rug back to its vibrant clean state.


At Aara Rugs, we believe your rug to be an investment, so we evaluate every rug by an expert before cleaning. As an all-green rug cleaning company, whenever possible, we utilize green solutions that won’t harm you, your pets or your rug. Aara Rugs has been offering oriental rug cleaning services in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley and maintains professional cleaning and master repair staff who are experts in rug repair and restoration. At Aara Rugs we have specialized in cleaning, appraisal, sales, restoration and care of the Persian and oriental rugs for three generations. Cleaning oriental rugs is a specialty, and through our convenient and no-cost pickup and delivery service, we provide rug cleaning services in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Malibu. Call us today for a free appraisal! Ensuring that your prized antique Persian or oriental rug and kilim is not harmed during cleaning and it is correctly cared for while in our possession is our job number one!

Here is a list of the steps we take in cleaning and restoring your rug:



At Aara Rugs, every cleaning service is unique and specific to each rug. So during inspection we look for any color run or bleeding; we check for tears, holes, fading spots while finding out about any damaged fringe, moth or insect damage, and pet contamination. Once we know more about the details such as the origin, colorfastness, construction material, and condition of your rug, we decide about the correct rug cleaning process for your unique rug.



Your rug acts like the lungs in your house and accumulates a terrific amount of dirt and dust which consequently become embedded in the base of the rug. Vacuuming alone is unable in removing these particles. Washing rugs and getting them perfectly cleaned is the only way to ensure your Persian rug stays dirt and germ-free. A most vital part of cleaning your rug is dusting which carpet cleaning companies and dry cleaners are not equipped to do. Carpet cleaners are primarily surface cleaners! Even the strongest of vacuums are ineffective at removing allergens, dirt, dead skin, worn rug fibers, and pet dander that are deeply embedded in the tight weaves of your rug. Simple carpet cleaning methods do not remove the abrasive dust from the lower levels of your Persian rug; This dirt will gradually turn the base of your Persian rug clayish, which can break the fibers from bottom up resulting in your rug to become stiffer and to eventually fall apart in a few years. A proper old-fashioned rug dusting of your antique oriental, Persian rugs by Aara Rugs could remove up to a quarter of the weight of the rug. Sign up for our annual cleaning and restoration program - allowing the professional rug cleaning service by Aara Rugs company every year to enable your oriental or antique Persian rug to become vibrant and breath again.


Green Cleaning and Stain Removal

While most spills and spots are easily removed, tough stains such as paint, lipstick, candle wax, permanent marker, and sharp pet stains require special treatment. At Aara Rugs, we have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to remove these stains. Our experts can also remove the toughest stains such as food & drink stains, blood, grass, coffee, wine, and dirt and mud from your rug.


Rinsing rugs

We thoroughly submerge and saturate the entire rug in cold flowing water. That has been a proven and centuries-old method of washing rugs and the only way to deep clean a handmade rug.


Washing and Grooming rugs

While keeping the rest of your house, clean rugs collect a lot of dust, soil, and germ from pets, shoe traffic, food, and drink spills and become dirty. The sinking sugar in soda or ice cream spills, create tough, hard stains and if not correctly cleaned accumulate dirt and will turn to a hard surface. The expert cleaners at Aara Rugs use hand brushes to loosen and clean stubborn stains; This is the most efficient way to get to those hard-to-reach inner fibers. Brushing also helps reach and remove pet hair, dust, and dirt. At this point, our expert professional may apply the luster wash. A luster wash is a thin wash of the metallic pigment used to produce sheen when washing rugs. This special wash will allow your Persian rug to become brighter, shinier, and softer like that of a silk rug. Some oriental rugs develop a type of pile which tends to become loose and stick out over the rest of the rug’s pile. At this juncture in the process of cleaning, our professional staff may help trim these parts down by grooming to give your Persian rug a smooth, flat surface.


Drying and Fringe Cleaning Rugs

We then have to remove all the moisture from the rug and do this as quickly as possible. We start by using a roller to squeeze out the majority of the moisture, and in case of thicker plusher rugs, we may utilize an extractor to pull additional moisture out of the rug. Before removing the rugs to a climate controlled dry room, we brush the rugs to make sure the pile matches the natural direction of the nap. We then suspend the rug and position fans on all sides of the rug to dry and completely remove the remaining moisture. Last but not least we hand-detail the fringe after drying paying particular attention to giving the fringe an even and bright appearance.

Finishing and Final Inspection

The last step of the cleaning process requires the use of a finisher machine, which softens the fibers of your rug providing a soft and clean rug that is as fresh as when it was brand new. At Aara Rugs, we are committed to providing the very best rug cleaning services, we care for your rug as if it was our heritage rug. As a third generation and family based business, you can count on our experience and training to revive and protect your oriental and antique rug investment for many generations to come.

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